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We are Fair Field Productions, a community-based, mostly volunteer non-profit educational organization. We have partnered with Fairfield Media Center to produce the Fairfield History Series - eight films that depict the history of our town of Fairfield Iowa and bring to life the fascinating stories that make Fairfield one of the most talked about small towns in America.

About the Fairfield History Series

This award-winning documentary film series provides a comprehensive modern-day look into the history of Fairfield, Iowa. Spearheaded by Producer/Director Dick DeAngelis with support from over 100 local volunteer historians, researchers, moviemakers and storytellers, this series provides a unique insight into the indomitable spirit of this small town by telling its history in eight rich and beautiful chapters, leaving a lasting legacy for generations of Fairfielders to come.

Our film production crew consists of well over twenty talented people - filmmakers, light and sound specialists, editors and historical researchers as well as a distinguished group of experienced film advisors. FMC Director Jason Strong serves as our Director of Photography and we are proud to have Rene Holmberg from First Aerial drone media service coordinate the  amazing aerial footage being shot over Jefferson County using three Phantom 4 drone cameras.

If you look at our lives today, we're all so busy working, eating, just living... This project is about a community gaining a new perspective about the place we live so we can live a more fulfilled life today by experiencing and learning from the stories of the people who have lived here before us.

Released in August of 2017, “Life Before Fairfield” is about the prehistory surrounding Fairfield IA.  From the Pangea shift and how our lands were formed, to the native tribes that lived here for thousands of years.  The first documentary film in the Fairfield History Series premiered to packed crowds of over 1,500 people.  Watch at

Chapter Three:

     A Place to Grow

"A Place to Grow" - the Evolution of Farming in Jefferson County, Iowa brings to life generations of families who have risked everything to make their home in Iowa and the legacy they have left for today's new generation of farmers. This film explores Native American farming practices and the women seed keepers who have kept that knowledge alive. You hear from people who worked the soil in this small Southeast Iowa community before electricity or tractors. It explores the evolution of small family farms, the impact of modern science on large agricultural operations as well as organic and sustainable farming practices that have taken root here. Watch at: 

“Heroes of Fairfield” brings to life stories of ordinary Fairfielders who did extraordinary things to make a difference in our community and our world. Second in the Fairfield History Series, this documentary premiered at the Sondheim Theater at the Fairfield Area Convention Center on Saturday, June 30th, 2018.


In the atrium, packed crowds of movie-goers visited displays depicting local history information and artifacts from four area museums and discussed local history with noted authors. Watch at:


Support Our Team

People from throughout our community have been working since March 2016 to make Fairfield history come alive. Your donations help make this series possible.

To donate with a credit card or PayPal


Checks can be made payable to: 

Fair Field Productions

405 S. 3rd St., Fairfield, IA 52556

*(a 501(c)3 non profit educational organization)

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