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All Firmware Updates Have Been Upgraded

Most tapes have sat for a long time.  It is good too fast forward and then rewind the tape first

before trying to transfer the tape.  This is will minimize playback wobble due to sagging tape.

We recommend not leaving the transfer unattended.  Many things can go wrong during this process such as the tape being eaten by the playback device or the tape breaking due to age.

If this happens you will want to stop the transfer immediately.

Tape transfers happen in real time.  If you have a 1 hr. long recording it will take 1 hr. to transfer.

15 min. of tape equals approx. 500mb of storage room.

We recommend not leaving any equipment in vehicles due to extreme temperatures fluctuations.

If you feel your video may have historic value please contact us as we would love to help preserve as much history as possible in our video archive.  This may include historic lectures, items, or footage of schools and or businesses that no longer exist.

Items Included With Check Out

Video2Digital Converter Device

USB Power Cable and Power Adapter

Basic RCA Cables

ClearClick Video2Digital Converter Manual

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